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Welcome to Boer Goat Acres! You've arrived! We raise boer goats and toggenburg goats for breeding and meat production. The Boer Goat, a native of Africa, is highly prized all over the world. It is reknown for it's quick growth, high meat content, and large size. Boer goats have many uses: improving other goat breeds, clearing brush lands, and for pleasure, as well as for meat production.

Some other common names for boer goats are: cabrito in the Latin community, where it is served as a standard barbeque fare, and as chevon in France, where they are considered a delicacy. Other nations, such as India and Africa also cherish the delicate taste of Boer goats.

We're raising half-boer toggenburgs. Our kids are already displaying the healthy, heavy attributes of the boers combined with gentle nature of our toggenburgs. If interested in our percentage Boer, Toggenburg goats and now Pyrenees puppies email us for a price list.

NEW, NEW, NEW, NEW In conjunction with the Carpenter Chevon Company we are happy to introduce Great Pyrenees pups for sale!!!! The Pyrenian Mountain dog is a large livestock guardian dog. It originated in the Pyrenees mountains in the south of France. The dogs were used for guarding livestock against wolves, bears and other predators. They are great in protecting our boer goats!!!!!! and are great companions.

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